How Quality Air Filters Protect Your Family This Winter

How Quality Air Filters Protect Your Family This Winter | Duraflow Filtration

Mr. Freeze gears up for winter this time of year. And, even if you are a brave-the-weather, get-out-and-play type of person, cold temperatures and snow (depending on your location) naturally drive you and your family indoors to some degree.

Cheering your favorite football team to victory or catching up on Netflix binge-watching fits this season well. A stoked fire and a competitive game of Sorry build family memories. Unfortunately, two enemies threaten to undo your good times.

Check out these solutions for defeating these enemies and navigating this cold spell victoriously.

Combating Viruses

Cold temperatures and closed windows trap more than you and your family indoors. Illness-causing bacteria and viruses love the proximity and close contact with people in enclosed spaces. So, how do you improve ventilation to keep you and your family healthy when opening windows fails to be an option?

  • Defeat viral enemies by disinfecting surfaces throughout your home. Consider the known germ hangouts in the bathroom and on countertops. But, don’t overlook the commonly touched smaller bacteria-breeding grounds. Wipe down doorknobs, light switches, phones and the remote for added protection.
  • Tackle germs with an inexpensive air filter replacement. This simple fix removes harmful viruses from the air you breathe at home. A qualified air filter company carries the best product to meet your needs. Replacing the filter as recommended keeps clean, healthy air circulating and increases heating efficiency (which reduces high winter bills).

Fighting Allergens

Viral predators are not the only problem when the air is enclosed for the winter. Allergens rise as well. Dust mites, molds, mildews and animal dander threaten the health of those close to you. Unfortunately, these unseen attackers make for a miserable winter season for allergy sufferers (and sometimes those who don’t typically experience allergies). But, antidotes exist.

  • Washing bedding regularly removes allergens and reduces their impact. Allergen-free and allergen-resistant products help protect sufferers as well. A Google search for the term “allergy bedding” gets results.
  • Installing a humidifier, free-standing or on your furnace, puts moisture into the dry air of winter. This helps relieve allergy symptoms. Aiming for humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent makes the air comfortable for allergy sufferers without encouraging mold and mildew to take over.
  • Replace your air filters with ones that stop allergens in their tracks. A professional cleaning of air vents (where allergy triggers like to hide out) and an allergen-reducing air filter prove a superhero team in combatting winter allergens.  

A few simple changes around the house protect your family during the winter months by warding off the threats to your health and indoor plans. Contact DuraFlow Filtration to shop the air filter products needed to make it happen.

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