From Ohio to Beyond - Duraflow Filters Go To Space!

You usually think about air filters when you need them - either when you are building a system, or it is time to change them. Duraflow Industries, however, should be on your mind if you are a design engineer or manufacturer looking for a complex or specialty filter solution. Through a unique blend of production speed on short lead times, the reliable performance of their filters, and adherence to specifications, Duraflow is pushing the envelope on the development of filters for a wide variety of uses.


Duraflow Filtration | Our filters have went to space!Duraflow is located in Wakeman, Ohio and is a well-known original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of US made filters for a variety of clients in the industrial sector in addition to their standard filter products for appliances. Their standard filter products and specialty production extend from gas and air filtration to liquid filtration for industrial and commercial applications. They provide products for paint and powder booths, machine tool coolant filtration, low micron air filters, and clean room filters.

The advantage of being an OEM, however, is having complete control over their production and delivery. With their in-house engineering, R&D, testing, rapid prototyping, and production capabilities, Duraflow is positioned to meet special filter specifications for your new equipment designs. Using their R&D laboratory, they can custom blend carbon filters to meet your requirements for air scrubbers, organic chemical absorption, drinking water filtration and wastewater treatment. Using their in-house engineering resources, they can assist you with your design, as well, by providing drawings and specifications needed for ROHS certifications, UL listing and other compliance requirements.

This capability has let Duraflow to produce some very interesting filter designs, stretching across the globe and into outer space! 

Special Solutions to Exacting Specifications

One of the most challenging environments on earth is the desert and even more so for machines where grit can cause mechanical failure. So, when Duraflow was contacted by an industrial generator provider about diesel-powered generator sets in Egypt, their full spectrum capabilities came to the fore. The generator sets were being installed at a border crossing in Egypt where, not surprisingly, blowing sand is a problem! Sand is a very tricky filtration problem. While sand particles can be of a known size, they can break down into dust as small as 100 microns. If the filter media is too large, these small particles can make it through to the air filter in the generator and cause breakdowns due to clogging. Make it too small, though, and the engine doesn't get enough air.

Duraflow not only designed a filter to meet the demands of the environment and design specifications, they further to meet the demands of a global supply chain for the generator provider. Their filters exceeded expectations by supporting regular cleaning and due to Duraflow's adaptation using quality metals that would not expand and contract in the changing desert temperatures.

This production and design capabilities are valued and recognized by industrial, military, and government contractors and designers. Their capabilities in meeting exacting specifications, adaptation, and engineering recently led to Duraflow Industries being selected to provide filters to SpaceX for equipment supporting the recent launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket at Cape Canaveral Space Center! Across the globe, or above it, Duraflow Industries is prepared to get you the filters you need, on specification and on time.

Full Service and Full Capabilities

If you need an OEM turnkey solution for your system or assistance with a new design, contact the specialists at Duraflow Industries for a solution you can count on.

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