Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Microwave

If you are like most Americans your microwave is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. Since it is a proverbial workhorse, it should be treated with respect and care to prolong its life and usefulness. If you want to keep your microwave in its optimal working condition, try following some of the guidelines listed below.  Your “nuker” will thank you for it.

Keep it clean

Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Microwave | Duraflow Filtration

When was the last time you checked the inside of your microwave? If you do not use some kind of splatter guard every time you turn it on, chances are it is a mess. When you have splatter marks all over the inner panels, it can have a negative effect on how well it works. Clean your microwave regularly with warm soap and water or use specialty microwave cleaner. If you have stubborn spots, heat up some water in a microwave-safe vessel for about one minute. The steam will loosen up the stuck-on, hard-to-remove particles.

Only use microwave-safe vessels

When choosing the dishware you are putting in the microwave, only choose those that are truly microwave-safe. Plastics and other materials that are not designated for the microwave can burn and explode during cooking. For safety’s sake, be mindful of which dishes you use. The following materials should never be used in the microwave:

- Aluminum foil
- Metal
- Dishes with silver or gold accents

Keep the door functional

You use the microwave door every time you use it, you can understand why it is so important to keep it functioning properly. Always close the door properly and refrain from slamming. Also, do not open the door if the microwave is still running. These actions will gradually cause damage to the microwave door. When the door begins to malfunction, they are complicated to repair and likely leads to replacing the entire unit.

Never run an empty microwave

There is no reason to ever run an empty microwave, and doing so can cause serious damage. When a microwave runs with nothing in it, too much pressure can build up and damage the inner components of the machine.

Keep up with regular maintenance

Some components of your microwave are replaceable and should be changed out whenever necessary. Components such as the turntable, light bulb, and filters are easy and inexpensive to take care of on your own.

Other ways to maintain your microwave

Other simple ways to maintain your microwave include:

- Using the preprogrammed cook time options
- Respecting the given weight limitations
- Guarding against surges
- Calling for help whenever necessary

Taking good care of your microwave will help to assure it will serve you for a long time. Duraflow Industries can assist you with your microwave filtration needs. Contact us today!

Do you have other microwave maintenance tips? Leave us your comments below! 

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