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From Ohio to Beyond - Duraflow Filters Go To Space!

By Duraflow Filtration
March 05, 2018 Category: Capabilities

You usually think about air filters when you need them - either when you are building a system, or it is time to change them. Duraflow Industries, however, should be on your mind if you are a design engineer or manufacturer looking for a complex or specialty filter solution. Through a unique blend of production speed on short lead times, the reliable performance of their filters, and adherence to specifications, Duraflow is pushing the envelope on the development of filters for a wide variety of uses. Applications Duraflow is located in Wakeman, Ohio and is a well-known original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of US made filters for a variety of clients in the industrial sector in addition to their standard filter products for appliances. Their standard filter products and specialty production extend from gas and air filtration to liquid filtration for industrial and commercial applications. They provide products for paint and powder booths, machine tool coolant filtration, low micron air

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