Month: May 2016

The Importance of Air Filters

By Duraflow Filtration
May 11, 2016 Category: Air Filters

The Importance of Air Filters You may not see us very often but you probably own something with one of our products inside. To keep it simple, Duraflow creates air filters for residential and industrial appliances. Many of our products used in homes or offices are found in places such as: Kitchens Over your stove is a range hood that has filters designed to trap things that are flying around the air while youre cooking. Say youre frying some food, the filtration system above the stove has filters that catch the grease to make sure its not being spread around your kitchen and coating everything with a greasy texture. The filters also help trap odors from whatever youre cooking. Air Purifiers Air purifiers continue to be popular in homes and offices, these products use a number of filters that help clean the air which is especially important for individuals with allergies. Humidifiers During winter time the air becomes dry and that is when people bring out their humidifiers. Duraflow

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