Month: April 2018

Five Tips to Keep a Healthier and Cleaner Home

By Duraflow Filtration
April 16, 2018 Category: General

Who doesnt want to live in a clean and healthy home? In todays article, we share five tips for keeping your home cleaner and healthier. See how the simple things like wiping down your shower, swapping out your air filters and creating a cleaning routine can make a huge difference for your home. 1. Use Simple or Organic Cleaning Products There are several household cleaning solutions that dont involve chemicals. Use baking soda and crystalline soap for deep scrubbing. Use hot water with soap and/or a splash of vinegar for everyday cleaning. If you dont want to create your own home remedies, purchase all-natural, chemical-free cleaning products. 2. Check For Mold Regular mold inspections can keep you from getting sick and save you money on mold removal. Check for leaks in your roof, basement or anywhere moisture might gather. Make sure your attic is properly ventilated. Turn on your air vent in the bathroom when you take a shower or bath. Its also a good idea to clean your shower

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